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Oral Irrigator and Brace Flossing System - For a Beautiful and Brite Smile!

Give your teeth, gums and dental braces a convenient and thorough cleaning for a movie star smile, with the new and exciting shower floss oral irrigator, Boss A Floss®. We bring Convenience to your smile!

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Boss A Floss is Convenient!


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The shower Boss A Floss® oral irrigator helps to deliver premium dental and gum care. It is proven to be a highly effective flossing system that removes harmful bacteria, plaque and food particles from between your teeth, dental braces and below the gum lines!

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In today's hectic and fast paced world, it seems though to spare a mere 5 minutes to properly, and thoroughly brush and floss our teeth. (The # 1 Dental Health Destroyer- See "Education" page) 

The Boss A Floss is convenient, simply floss when you shower. And if you have dental braces, this product is a must! The Boss A Floss oral irrigator saves hours of cleaning. No more time consuming picking between your teeth and braces. No more hurting your gums with prickly objects or sticking germ laden fingers in your mouth with difficult to manage string.

The convenient Boss A Floss® shower oral irrigator lets you clean your teeth In seconds, giving a confident smile and fresh breath. 

All dental care systems are good for oral hygiene, but one is better than the rest, Boss AFloss shower oral Irrigator! Some water based flossing systems have you setting up, fill a bucket of water, or plugging it into the wall, charging batteries, flossing, and then cleaning up the mess on the mirror's and counters afterwards.

Not the Boss A Floss®

We eliminate the need for electricity, tying up valuable counter space, and then having to clean up a mess. Enjoy the convenient, hassle free, mess free and time saving dental care Boss A Floss, oral irrigating system. (See Testimonials, It Works!)

It's Economical!



For just pennies a day, you can have the best oral hygiene available. Just compare the cost of taking time off of work, a filling, a tooth to be pulled or worse, to the cost of this product. Thats right, you can't even begin to compare the cost!

You can help avoid some of these experiences. How, with good dental hygiene, brushing and flossing daily, regular dental checkups and using the shower Boss A Floss oral irrigator!

It is perhaps the most convenient, economical and effective method to keep dental costs down, to get fresh breath, healthy gums and a beautiful smile!

Shower everyday, and floss when you do. You will be on your way to the best dental hygiene possible.

Everyone will benefit from the Boss A Floss.

Have you ever known anyone with bad breath? How about those who don't like to floss?

What about Birthdays or Christmas, or any special occasion that you need to get a gift for?

You can give something special, something that will have a profound effect on their healthand smile. Something that shows that you care.

The Boss A Floss could not be a more unique,  needed, beneficial or more frequently used item for the special people in your life.

What a great gift idea!!!

Help create a healthier America......

Dental Hygiene is the most cost effective method of preventive medicine compared to any other medical condition. Yet, it has the potential to have the widest field of affliction on the body. 

All Dentist say to floss every day!  They know. But few do it as often as they say should. Why? Because it is a hassle and time consuming.

The convenience of the Boss A Floss will make dental hyigene far easier, and thus assist in more frequent flossing.

Order your Boss A Floss today, and bring convenience to maintaining your family's healthy smile.

No More Excuses!

The National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) has proven that the single largest factor for poor dental hygiene is the simple the lack of the consumer taking time to brush and floss teeth! And we understand. In today's hectic and fast paced world, it seems difficult to spare a mere 5 minutes to properly, and thoroughly brush and or floss our teeth. Unfortunately, the lack of dental hygiene can get very painful, and costly too!

Whether you are exhausted late at night before bed, or early in the morning and late for work, we just don't seem to want to take the time for dental cleaning. Unfortunately, over time this results in the development of serious dental problems! However, with the advent of Boss A Floss shower oral irrigator, you can efficiently clean your teeth, gums and braces in seconds, all while showering for your busy day. So now, there are simply no more excuses for poor dental hygiene for your or your family, unless you choose it!


Boss A Floss is proven to remove the # 1barrier, and cause of Poor Dental HealthSystem

Guaranteed, it can improve your dental health because it eliminates the #1 barrier that you now have to good dental hygiene, TIME! That's right, taking the time needed to brush, string floss and probe your teeth is your barirer! Be honest with yourself. You know that it is important, so why don't you do it as often as you know you should? It is universal, we all have the same issue. The answer to this is in the convenience of using the Boss A Floss. It willl have you performing exceptional dental care every day! Why? If it is convenient, you will be inclined to do it! In seconds, effectively floss when showering and getting ready for your busy day. Turn on your shower, squeeze the trigger and clean. It's that easy. Your dental health will shine, and your smile is worth it!  And best of all, you have nothing to loose. We offer a 90 day, complete Satisfaction Guarantee! So, you have no reason not to have better Dental Health... Get your family and friends the Boss A Floss Today!  You will be glad you did, we Guarantee it...

The Boss A Floss Features Include:

• Adjustable Pressure / Flow Control
• Cleaning  "On / Off " Flow Lever
• Designer Chrome ABS Plastic
•  Handle and Flow Control Unit  for
  Preference,  and   Safety!
• 90 Day Complete Satisfaction and Money   Back  Guarantee

• Quality Construction and
• One APS (Adjustable Pressure  Stream) Jet Tip 
• Quality assurance, Fashionable
  and unique design

Benefits Include:

• Easy and  convenient!
•Removes Plaque and reduces Gingivitis and fights gum disease.
• Helps Prevent Bad Breath, Tartar, Tooth
  Decay, and other associated medical
• Effectively Removes food and Cleans
  Dental Braces.
• Massages Gums & Helps
  Circulation In Gums.
• Helps Fresh Breath by flushing out
• Cost-Effective - Helps Lower Dental
• No counter space used.

 90 Day Complete "Money Back" Satisfaction Guarantee!     You Have Nothing to Lose!

Order your  Boss A Flossfor yourself or give as a gift and bring "Convenience" to your Health!