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Shower Water Flosser and Brace Cleaning System!

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Give your teeth, gums and dental braces a thorough cleaning for a movie star smile, with the new and exciting shower floss oral irrigator, Boss A Floss®. 





Saves Dental Costs

It is the easiest way to flossNo Mess- No Cleanup - No Hassle. Conveniently floss in the shower with the water shower pick "Boss A Floss".



Works like the one Dentist's use when you are in the chair! Removes food, plaque, and bacteria. 



Helps prevent costly dental work and repairs, and  at a fraction of the cost.

The Boss A Floss Features Include:

Adjustable Pressure / Flow Control
• Cleaning  "On / Off " Flow Lever
• Designer Chrome ABS Plastic
•  Handle and Flow Control Unit  for
  Preference,  and   Safety!
• 90 Day Complete Satisfaction and Money   Back  Guarantee

• Quality Construction and
• One APS (Adjustable Pressure  Stream) Jet Tip 
• Quality assurance, Fashionable
  and unique design

Benefits Include:

• Easy and  convenient!
•Removes Plaque and reduces Gingivitis and fights gum disease.
• Helps Prevent Bad Breath, Tartar, Tooth
  Decay, and other associated medical
• Effectively Removes food and Cleans
  Dental Braces.
• Massages Gums & Helps
  Circulation In Gums.
• Helps Fresh Breath by flushing out
• Cost-Effective - Helps Lower Dental
• No counter space used.

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