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The Easiest way to Floss!!!!             "In The Shower" - Oral Irrigating Water Floss



      Easier than counter top plug in     

       models.   No Mess- No Hastle.

       Just Floss while in the shower, Saves time!


      Removes Food, Plaque and Bacteria


      Fresh Breath - Clean Teeth and Braces

                  in "Seconds".

Cost Effective

       Compare "Boss" to dental costs and repairs.



Boss A Floss® is the easiest and most convenient way to floss.  It is easier than picks and flossing string, and cleans where toothbrushes can't reach! It flushes bacteria & food particles from between teeth, braces and below gum lines.  (See Testimonials)


Great for people with Braces, Dentures, Crowns, Partial expanders, Implants or any dental hardware.


Great for elderly that have issues with Manual Dexterity or that have arthritis as the handle is easy to hold and manipulate for cleaning.




                                     How does it work?   So very easy!    Watch the  video.....






                                                                        Make your Flossing easier!   Order Boss A Floss Here!